Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Tuesday Training


Reintroducing a little threshold (L4) work and it seemed to go Ok. Didn't leap straight back into the 2x20s but have started with 2x15 minute efforts which I did at 280-285W. Felt that I wanted to get at least a small success back on the board with some L4 work and feel I achieved that, these sessions are never comfortable but I managed Ok.

Looking back to earlier in the year I was doing 2x20s @ 280W and starting to do a little work @ 285W so I'll stick at this level for the next couple of these sessions until I'm back doing some 2x20s again. I'll then establish a blood lactate level and make sure that's reasonable at the end of the efforts before moving on, ideally down at 4-5mmol/l. I'll do this just to be sure that I'm doing these sessions at the right intensity.

All in all I'm satisfied with tonight's effort, good to be upping the intensity a bit and a rest day tomorrow, always nice to have that to look forward to!
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