Friday, 22 August 2008

Friday Training


The Friday sweet spot session rolls around again and it went well. I'm now convinced that my reduced HR levels are here to stay and it may be time to consider an increase in the load for these sessions, I think by 5W to see how I go when I next do this session. If SST is to be done at between 88-94% of FTP that puts me between 260W and 278W and I'm currently doing the 2x20 SST at 270W, pretty much bang in the middle.

I think I'll increase the load to 275W and see how I go at that and once I'm used to that and coping with it Ok I'll need to be rethinking my FTP which will involve repeating the test, this time with more gas in the tank before I start!

I guess my only slight concern with my lower HR is that this can also be an overtraining (sympathetic) indication. I'm pretty confident that this isn't the case as my HR seems to go up quite happily when I'm doing my L5 session which, if I were overtrained, would not be the case. I think I'll do a HRV measurement after my next rest day or sometime next week to keep an eye on things but I feel Ok and don't expect to find anything untoward.

Long ride tomorrow and the forecast looks a bit more promising though at present the wind and rain continue, I think I heard that this is about the wettest August on record, typical.

HR traces from my last 3 SST sessions illustrated below, based on HR alone it looks as though a small bar increase is due to keep me in the just sub threshold area, I'll see how it goes.

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