Saturday, 23 August 2008

Saturday Training


The long ride comes around again and I followed the same route as last Saturday again riding solo. Covered about 72 miles and once again I spent the majority of the Southward section of the ride down the coast pushing constantly into a stiff headwind. The weather was also pretty chilly and I ended up having to put on a gillet to keep the worst of the wind off me, Summer rolls on!

Outcome figures very similar to last week but with the variability of wind and weather comparisons are not too meaningful really though I did go round the route a few minutes quicker than last week.

Experimented today with eating home made brack (a sort of low fat fruit loaf) instead of an energy bar and found it much nicer, all I have to do now is keep baking the stuff to keep up with my consumption! Should keep me busy ;-)

Was pleased towards the end of the ride as I experimented with putting in some short harder efforts to see what was left in my legs after over 3.5 hours of riding. Was still able to push out consistent short efforts in the 500+W range so at least if need be there was still a bit left in the tank but they are never comfortable.

So all in all a satisfactory outing which generated a TSS of 282 with a NP of 247, the ride lasted just over 4 hours and included a fair bit of climbing, over 4,300'. Easier day tomorrow which will bring build week 3 to an end and then it's into another adaptation week before the Cumberland Challenge. I'm hoping and expecting that the week of a reduced training load will allow me to ride with a NP 20-30W higher than on my recent longer training rides, that was the case after the last adaptation week so fingers are crossed!

Route map below:

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