Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sunday Training


Sunday again and without doubt I'm well aware that I put some effort in yesterday. TBH when I first started this 2x25 L3 session this evening I wasn't sure whether I'd get through it without a struggle but I was surprised.

Pretty uncomfortable at first but after 10 minutes or so the old physiology got going and I really ended up finding the session relatively comfortable. I didn't think I'd see the days come whereby I was regarding 2x25 @ L3 as a recovery type ride but that's how I now see it with my regime of doing no formal training sessions on the turbo at below L3 and using walking as my recovery exercise, at least I finally seem to be feeling a little progress filtering through.

HR for this session very much under control, even lower than last week and really didn't feel at all stressed on the CV front by this work but I know spending plenty of time at this training intensity will pay long term dividends when it comes to 3 weeks of 100 mile days in 2010.

So, the end of build week 3 comes to an end and it's time to back off on the volume and the more fatiguing work, those longer L3 and L4 efforts. I'll concentrate on maintaining some L5 work without getting generally tired, time for some recuperation.

Covered over 200 miles this week and completed 10 hours of cycle training which has delivered a decent TSS of 648. Interestingly about 50% of this training time has been in L3 or above (see graph below for 7 day power distribution), pretty happy with that for a week's work.

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