Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sunday Training


Standard 2x20 L3 session today @ 250W and could feel yesterday in my legs for sure, or maybe it's all the walking! I seem to be finding that my biggest problem these days is recovering between sessions in order to keep up the intensity and volume of the training but I guess that's not an unusual problem.

Seem to be finding that my legs are always the limiting factor, can be going along at a pretty decent wattage and my breathing hardly seems to be taxed at all but my legs just feel really uncomfortable. Be interesting to see if the forthcoming L5 work makes any difference, apart from probably making them hurt even more! Will find out next week!

Managed another 5 mile walk today before the turbo training, surprise surprise, it rained again. Route below:

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Here are some photos of the route:

Local Walk - Old Railway to Alnmouth

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