Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sunday Training


Started the day with the usual 5 mile walk along one of our regular routes and no problems there. Have a new route planned for tomorrow, planned on a digital map and transferred to the GPS. What we plan to do is to walk from Alnwick to Warkworth using some of the many public footpaths where possible and then get the bus back to Alnwick after coffee and a scone. I like exploring the local footpath network, it's amazing what you find on your own doorstep that you didn't know existed! Will defer if the weather is poor, the route in about 8.5 miles and we might as well enjoy it rather than make it a rain sodden trudge, more on that tomorrow.

On the cycle training front:

Straightforward 2x20 L3 ride and no problems. Am now pretty convinced that the walking is not having a -ve effect on my training and is not significantly fatiguing me which is good. I have now pretty much adopted this 2x20 L3 ride as a recovery type ride and have abandoned any turbo training sessions below L3. As I mentioned before, I'm now either training (L3 or above) or resting, we'll see what that delivers.

Was a touch down on the weekly planned TSS due to the terrible weather yesterday for my planned long ride but I'm not going to fret over that, just numbers after all and only a guide. Have pretty much decided that it's time to see where I stand and to do one of my all time (not) favourites, an FTP test. I'm planning to do this on Tuesday instead of the 4x3 L5 session and I'll be doing one of those on Thursday, should be an interesting week! It will be interesting to see where I stand in comparison to the last one I did which was 22.05.2008, my gut feeling is that given the training I've missed, and the fact that I'm just really rebuilding, there will not be a great deal of difference but I'd like to know the facts and modify my training zones accordingly.
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