Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wednesday Training


Just maintaining some reasonable intensity training without going over the top by doing 3x4 minute efforts at L5. Managed to forget to reduce the load from the level I had it for the last of these sessions where I struggled but I managed to get through the 3x4 without too much trouble but with the usual considerable discomfort that working at this intensity brings!

Just one more of this type of session now before the weekend and then we'll see how we go. Just hoping for a half decent ride to end the season, it's not going to be brilliant after all that has gone before but as long as I get round in decent shape I'll be happy.

Interesting to look at the power and heart rate zone times for this session, good indication of what a bad indicator of effort HR is when intervals are short and intense. I spent 12:52 (28.6% of the time) in my VO2 max power training zone, but only 2:59 (6.6% of the time) in my VO2 max HR zone. I reckon VO2 max interval training is one of the best uses for a power meter or turbo with accurate power data. It's just too easy to get them quite badly wrong just going on HR alone, I think anyway, others will differ!

To check out the details of the workout click here. Quite pleased with how my HR comes down these days after these efforts.

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