Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tuesday Training

Continuing to maintain some threshold work but reducing the volume by 25% to try to make sure I start to recover and not arrive on Sunday done in. Felt Ok doing 2x15 minute L4 efforts and seemed to stay under control of things throughout.

Dare I say it but the rain seems to have eased off somewhat at last so you just never know, for the last 2 Cumberland Challenges it has been windy and has poured, third time lucky?

Delighted to have finally got my head around getting a GPS to update a map via the web which I can display on my weblog, see below, I'm the red dot! I'm planning to try this technology out during the Cumberland Challenge on Sunday when I've done some more tests. If anyone fancies monitoring my progress on Google Maps on the blog check it out on Sunday morning, the dot should be moving, even if slowly, and you can view in either map of satellite views. I'm planning to set off at about 08:00 BST (GMT +1 Hour). Doing it this way would certainly be easier than riding!

Oh yes, if you do check it out the position should be updated each minute but obviously you would need to refresh your browser, if the dot stops for a long time I'm either knackered, punctured, or have fallen off.

Cheers all.
[Uploaded 27/08/2008 09:26:44]

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