Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sunday Training


Good steady ride with friends on a lovely day with little wind. Out through Shilbottle, Newton-on-the-Moor, Longframlington, and Rothbury. Then headed South through Forestburn Gate and Coldrife, down to Cambo before turning East through Scots Gap, Hartburn, and Mitford. Turning North through Pigdon and Stanton we made our way back to Longhorsley, Felton, Old Swarland, Newton-on-the Moor and back home to Alnwick once again via Shilbottle.

The group managed to get split up in the lanes around Stanton just before Longhorsley but the ride was almost over by then so it didn't matter and we made our way home in smaller groups.

This was quite a hilly ride and my NP for the ride was 259W with a VI of 1.35 and IF of 0.87. I felt good throughout the ride which lasted a little under 4 hours and covered about 67 miles, also felt fine at the end and could comfortably have continued.

All in all today made me have confidence in the training I'm doing and I think there is quite a bit more to come in terms of power output and I'll really feel a difference when I've also shed the few extra kilos I'm currently carrying, which will come off in the next couple of months.

No training tomorrow and then back on the good old CompuTrainer!
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In the afternoon went into town to listen to the Alnwick Playhouse Concert Band playing in the Market Square at the food festival, took the video camera along, click here to enjoy the fun!

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