Thursday, 4 September 2008

Thursday Training


The L4 work continues with 2x20 L4 efforts today with a 10 minute recovery. Not as comfortable today, not that they ever are really, but felt as if I was running low on gas towards the latter half of the 2nd effort but I dug in and got to the end. I always try to reach the end if possible as I find it a very -ve experience if I have to bail out!

Trying to do quite a bit of reading about IMTs (intramuscular triglycerides) at the moment and their potential as a gylcogen sparing energy source. If there seems to be a body of scientific opinion to support their potential value I'll give some more serious thought to diet modification prior to a long ride to try out the theory. Problem is this kind of personal experimentation is inevitably pretty subjective but it might be worth a look.

No cycle training scheduled for tomorrow but do have another walk planned, weather forecast is heavy rain for the next 4 days :-(

Regards to all.

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