Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tuesday Training


The 2x20 L4 sessions are never a whole heap of fun but I have no doubt that when I've done enough of them they will make a real difference. Today's session was neither easier or harder than previous similar sessions and I think the only way I'm going to get to the point where I get off the bike at the end thinking "Hmm... that wasn't bad at all" is to do lots of them.

With the above in mind I'm going to work towards doing 2 L4 sessions per week over the next couple of weeks and try to raise the load a touch for these sessions taking me more towards upper L4. Then, after an adaptation week I'll try increasing not the load but the length of these efforts, I'll probably try 3 efforts initially, 2x20 followed by 1x10 and see how that goes rather than launching straight into 3x20 - EEK!

If it all feels too much at the first trial I can always back off again, it's gonna be a long Winter!

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