Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Wednesday Training


Ploughing of with more L3 aerobic conditioning but just a 2x20 today before going to work. HR a touch higher than it has been but as I keep mentioning I'm not worried about that as there are just too many variables for it to be anything to get hung up on.

Legs generally feeling very comfortable at L3 these days but I'm in no hurry to start jacking things up at the moment as I'm just really in a fitness maintenance period before commencing my long slow CTL build over the Winter. Just wanting to shave off a few pounds just to make those climbs a bit more "enjoyable".

I'm going to have to write to Lance and tell him how pleased I am about him deciding to have another crack at the TdF. I'm certain he is quietly reading my blog and has been stung into action knowing that I am closing slowly but surely in on his 500W FTP or whatever it is. I reckon he just couldn't bear the thought of me leaving him for dead when we bump into each other out on the lanes of Northumberland so if he does win in 2009 he knows who to thank! :-)

Oh yes, and don't be surprised if you hear the names Lance Armstrong and David Brailsford being linked at some point. I reckon LA is interested in the progress team GB has made on the track and might be wondering how it might be applied to him on the road. Time will tell...

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