Friday, 24 October 2008

Friday Training


More good steady L3 work. Increased the length of the L3 effort slightly and did 2x25 which was fine. I felt very comfortable right to the end of the second effort though I'm still working just above the middle of my L3 range, could comfortably have continued with the session. Might introduce a 3x25 session to use when the weather outside is poor, that would generate a TSS of well over 100 and would take about 90 minutes so might be quite a good session to incorporate.

So, another one in the bag, I am more and more convinced that chopped up L3 sessions (into say 20/25 minute chunks) are just as beneficial in training terms as doing straight 60 minute sessions. I just feel that I am getting better recovery from the sessions and am therefore able to do them more frequently, raising the overall "in zone" time. Just a feeling but I'm certainly not getting less fit with this approach!

Cheers all.

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