Thursday, 23 October 2008

Thursday Training



This was the first of this type of session which I have named my Combi (Combination) session. As I mentioned before I want to slowly (very slowly) increase the volume of L4 work I am doing and this session of the week has previously been a 2x20 SST session. To make progress I decided to make the first 20 minute effort a L4 effort instead of SST and then work at SST for the second 20 minutes.

As it turned out the session went really well, it was interesting to note out of interest that my average HRs for the L4 and SST efforts were within one beat of each other. Comparing my HR and power data for this session with Tuesday's 2x20 L4 session I am pleased with the session and will continue to use it until such time as I can "comfortably" move to a 2x20 L4 session twice a week.

If anyone reading has any views or experience of this type of combination session or the value or otherwsie of such sessions I'd be very interested to hear them.


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  1. Hi there,

    Been following your blog for a little while, as I too am using power to guide my training, and have similar tranining levels as you (2x20 @ 305W 3 times a week). Just curious if you have ever ridden your Powertap while on your computrainer to validate wattage?


  2. Hi Rick

    Thanks for your interest. Yes I have, if you look down my "labels" column on the left of the blog you will see one called "power meter tests".

    I did and published a pretty extensive series of comparative tests which left me happy with the setup I'm using. I even did a test with proved the importance of proper system calibration which I suspect is a source of much inaccuracy.

    Always difficult to know with such tests which unit is "correct" when they both have similar accuracy levels quoted in the specs but in my case the tests were essentially the same so I'm not worried about it.

    Your question suggests that you have an enquiring mind in the same way that I have, have you been through a similar process? If so I'd be interested to know what power measuring equipment you are using and what results you got with you comparisons, I'm always interested in these things!

    I'm hoping one day to be doing my 2x20s @ 300W+ but progress is slow, well done to you!

    Thanks for getting in touch.