Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sunday Training


Nice steady ride with friends covering about 50 miles in lovely Autumn weather, wonder how long it will stay like this for!

My adaptation week has now come to an end and has seen my CTL fall from 85 to 82.1 which is fine, if it rises by 3 in the forthcoming week I'll be back where I was but at the end of week 1 of my 4 week cycle compared with the end of week 3 so will be heading steadily in the right direction. My TSB this morning was +0.9 so the adaptation week has done it's job without bringing on an unwanted performance peak which is the last thing I want to do at this time of year.

NP for the ride today was a very comfortable 238W with a peak of 838W and a TSS of 190, average HR for the ride was 127BPM which made this very much an endurance ride. Did record a peak 1 minute power of 467W during one of the short bursts, must have been on one of the hills. My overall power profile for the ride is shown below, loads of time, almost 50% of total in AR (active recovery) and a total of 68% of the ride at either active recovery or endurance levels which is fine for the end of an adaptation week.

So, back to some harder work next week, keep trying to move steadily in the right direction, no rush.

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