Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Tuesday Training



I'm pretty confident in saying that at the present time this is my least favourite session of the week but I'm sure that will all change when I get back into the L5 sessions!

Anyway, 2x20 L4 session today and in reality it went Ok, but never comfortable. I know all the drawbacks of looking at HR data but it's about 3 weeks since I did my first L4 session at this load and my HR picture today was a lot more comfortable than it was when I first did the session at 290W for both efforts. Whether this is progress or just normal variation who knows, but either way it's interesting. Below are 2 graphs of my HR distributions for today's L4 session and an identical L4 session 3 weeks ago, quite a shift:

Today's HR distribution:

HR distribution 30.09.2008:

This type of information always needs to be treated with great caution as it is possible to have a lower HR indicating CNS fatigue with a resulting failure to elevate HR, rather than indicating fitness gains which is what one obviously wants to believe. Other measures, such as overall training load and possibly HRV need to be included in the equation.

The general pointers seem however to be in the right direction with the training approach I have adopted/developed so I'm going to stick with it and give it time to either work or not work, it's the only way to really find out in the end. I firmly believe that it's fatal to keep chopping and changing things, that's one of the few things I am certain of!

If you would like to see the CompuTrainer screen for this session check out the video below:

Hope all is well with everyone.

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