Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Wednesday Training



Just the usual 2x20 L3 base building session again today after the rigours of yesterday's L4 session. Session went fine and I was pleased to see that my AHR and MHR figures for the 2 L3 efforts (250W) were as near as damn it identical so not under any great strain with these.

Tomorrow will be a new experience for me as up until now I have been training midweek doing L4 on Tuesday, L3 on Wednesday, and SST on Thursday. It has always been my intention at about this time of year to move towards 2 L4 sessions per week over the Winter and I'm going to try to start that progression tomorrow with what I'm calling my 2x20 Combi session.

My plan is to do one 20 minute effort at L4 (290W) and then after a 10 minute recovery period do another 20 minute effort at SST, rather than the 2x20 SST session I've been doing. When I feel that I'm on top of this session I'll convert it into a second 2x20 L4 session but I'm just taking small steps here!

Hope all is well and that YOUR training is going well.

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