Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Wednesday Training


Polar HRM
For reasons I'll not bore you with I had to bike the 21+ miles in to work today which was no hardship but I did have to get the Winter bike up and ready as I didn't want to leave my Trek in the work bike sheds for obvious reasons. Anyway, got all sorted out and set off with my rucksack on my back loaded with clothes for the day etc. etc.

The journey went well and I pushed along nicely and averaged 20.3mph for the trip with an average HR bang in the middle of my tempo range at 148BPM.

I looked back at a couple of my L3 workouts on the turbo to see what the L3 sections generate by way of TSS and it worked out at about 1.19 TSS points per minute. So, as the ride to work took me just over an hour a simple multiplication gave me a more than accurate enough TSS score for the ride of 75 for my records.

This was a good ride, particularly with the rucksack and mudguards etc. and I felt good, even after yesterday's pretty demanding L4 workout. I'm just feeling at present that I am coping pretty well with the training load I am applying and I'm feeling stronger for it. Hopefully this will continue for the rest of the week and then it's adaptation week time! :-)

Onwards and upwards!

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