Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wednesday Training


Now that I've got my Winter bike sorted out with a PowerTap hub (the original one I bought which had to have new bearings fitted in Prague :-( ) I decided to ride to work again rather than do a turbo session before going in to work.

There was a significant headwind today which wasn't much fun but I got there in good time and at least gathered some decent data for the ride to compare with my previous estimation which I had based on HR data. As it turned out my TSS for today's ride was about 10 higher than the estimate so I've updated things. I'm pleased though that my HR TSS estimation method is pretty good and doesn't overestimate TSS which is what I was keen to avoid.

The ride delivered a TSS of 89.2 and a NP of 268W taking me 65 minutes so it was a good L3 ride which was confirmed by my HR data with an AHR of 151, exactly where it would be on the CompuTrainer for a L3 session. Speed 1mph lower than the last commute which demonstrates how misleading road speed is as a measure of effort or fitness improvement.

So, a good training session, more SST tomorrow, and I'll also be registering for the Tour of Ireland! :-)

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  1. Hi Mark

    Not at all, gotta have complete data! :-)

    I have read about a bloke who owns 5, yes FIVE!

    Great pieces of kit, did you read the review of them in Cycling Weekly, very complimentary.