Friday, 21 November 2008

Friday Training



Another very busy day but managed to get a brisk session on the CompuTrainer in late in the afternoon. Rode a flat 20 miles 3D course at tempo pace against a 230W pacer and put in a few simulated surges just to make the ride a bit more interesting. Mainly wanted to try out the SpinScan reporting module again when riding a 3D course and it seemed to work fine, sample enclosed below. Quite happy with the 249W NP for the ride, a good brisk ride to clear the cylinders out a bit.

No problems today but the week isn't shaping up very well in terms of TSS as the forecast for the weekend is dreadful, looks like being the first weather disrupted weekend of the Winter, except Winter isn't here yet :-(

I'll probably do something like a 50 mile turbo ride instead, cycling is dangerous enough without taking unnecessary risks. I think more and more why go out when the weather is crap and leave an expensive indoor trainer idle at home, doesn't make sense to me.

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