Saturday, 1 November 2008

Saturday Training



Had intended to do about 2.5 hours out on the road this morning but when I got up it was cold and there were bursts of very heavy rain so opted for a longer modified CompuTrainer session. As it happened the weather improved and it brightened up a lot but by then the decision was made, I'll just hope the decent weather holds out for tomorrow but knowing my luck...

Anyway I decided to do 2x25 L3 efforts followed by a further 2x20 L3 efforts so a total of 90 minutes of L3 training in this session, the session lasted a total of just over 2 hours including the warmup and cool down periods.

I reckon this is good solid training for this time of year, I have a long ride planned for tomorrow and my intention is not to rest up for these rides but just to do them as part of my ongoing training plan, there is no point in tapering for training sessions, I'll reserve that for important events!

So, more good solid work in the bag, and all done long before late morning. HR steadily climbing during the session as expected but not bad considering the length of the session and the load as well as the usual factors such as heat, fatigue etc.

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