Saturday, 22 November 2008

Saturday Training



Well, looks like Winter is arriving early here which is bad news, temperature down to 1 degree above freezing with ice and a sprinkling of snow this morning so no road riding for me.

Got quite a bit done today on significant project I'm working and just did some reasonably light training later on just by riding a flat 3D course for about an hour. There's going to be no great volume ridden this week so might as well just accept that, more snow forecast.

One thing I'd been wanting to do was to try to produce a short video of a 3D CompuTrainer ride which I've managed to do, the results can be watched below and below that is the Ride Report as generated by the 3D reports package. The video is a bit jerky as I've had to generate is using some screen grabbing software but it's not too bad considering. Nothing startling in this session, just keeping working away and looking forward to the Spring, which seems an awful long way away, just got to keep ploughing on, presently through snow.

To see the video in higher quality click here.

[Uploaded 23/11/2008 08:31:16]

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