Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sunday Training



Snow and ice outside again so confined indoors which is par for the course in the UK :-( Rode a 45+ mile 3D course on the CompuTrainer which I'm pretty sure has the training equivalent of 3 hours out on the road and is much safer, took me about 2:15 at a steady pace. There was no ice, no snow, and no cars :-) BUT, no freewheeling or soft pedaling either :-(

So, all went well, good steady L2 training with the Shilbottle climb to finish with and I feel that I've done a very worthwhile training session which is what matters.

Made a short video showing how the CompuTrainer SpinScan system works which might be of interest, there is a link to it below and also below is the ride report showing the spin scan and other data from today's ride.

Hoping for a better week next week but the weather forecast is not looking promising at all. Covered about 150 miles this week on the CompuTrainer and this made up a TSS of about 400, so about the same as an adaptation week. Makes a huge difference when you can't get out at the weekend but I have a plan.

To watch the video in higher quality (recommended) click here.

[Uploaded 23/11/2008 22:22:50]

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