Saturday, 29 November 2008

Saturday Training



Boo Hiss! Temperature this morning was -2 degrees and though the flesh was willing it was really just too dangerous to be out, just not worth taking unnecessary risks just for the sake of it, especially when you have a perfectly good indoor alternative. A shame but such is life.

So, onto the trusty CompuTrainer where I rode a hilly 50 mile 3D route in about 2:25, so a perfectly good training session and no bones broken. NP for the ride was 224W and an average HR of 137 so just in L2 which was as I intended. The last time I rode this route months ago I did it about a minute quicker but I was working a lot harder then. At that time I rode it very much at tempo intensity with an average HR about 10BPM higher than it was today, I call that progress, virtually identical time, much less effort, I could have gone quicker today without a doubt, but that wasn't what the session was about :-)

So, another freezing day forecast for tomorrow so not really sure what I'll be up to. We have Lorena's nieces staying at the moment so might all just go swimming and I'll muck about in the kid's pool where it's like a big warm bath! :-)


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