Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday Training



Woke this morning to a cold, windy, and at the time rainy day. Decided instead of battling the elements to ride one of my CompuTrainer courses which I've generated from GPS data gathered when riding outside. This was to be a 45+ mile route with a few humps and bumps in it, ideal for today's ride.

I found it harder than perhaps I had expected but long turbo rides are always hard, there is just no respite at all. The TSS for the ride was 131 and a recent road ride lasting 3:16 had a TSS of 142, gives an indication of the probable relative training efficiencies of road vs turbo work. As you can see from the data i spent much of my time @ L3 rather than simply "noodling" - I like that word!

So, at the end of this adaptation week I have trained for 6:33 and covered 143 miles, generating a TSS of 396 which is about what I'd planned. My current CTL is 85.3 and that's not really going to change very much very quickly. It's pretty hard I find to push the CTL up when one is a bit stuck indoor riding as the rides that really push it up are the long outdoor rides, all in good time.

Currently, I feel, on track...

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