Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sunday Training



Went out to the column in Alnwick for 9:00 this morning but nobody was there so assume that either the meeting arrangements have changed or just nobody was out and about today. Never mind, went out on a solo L2 ride which went well particularly after the rigours of yesterday. Headed up North and then back down the coast to Warkworth before looping North again over Shilbottle and home. I use this route quite often as it's not too hilly and is a nice round 50 miles.

It was pretty windy today again and cold with a few light showers so all that served to keep me awake, no point in putting in mega miles in that kind of weather. I was happy to get back without a soaking and with an average HR well in L2 at 130 and never taken above 158 throughout the ride, summary figures above.

So, another week under my belt. I've covered 223 miles and generated a TSS of 663, I also have a new FTP to start the new week. I'm not going to see my CTL rising much at the moment but I'll just keep leaning on the FTP gate and hope it just slowly keeps opening, only one way to find out!

Cheers all.

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  1. Billy no-mates on Sunday morning eh? Welcome to my world!!!!! :-)

  2. Hi Mark

    'twas fine, just fine ;-) I thought you joined up with a cycling club, I remember you posting about your first club run, what happened?