Saturday, 15 November 2008

Saturday Training



Weather bright today but cool and windy, to be expected at this time of year, but it was dry! The wind was predominantly from the South West (Grading SW3) but seemed to be shifting direction quite a bit. Again the ride went well, 4 in the group today. Miore solid L3 road training in the bank, a bit like riding intervals really with all the ups and downs and wind changes.

We rode our now usual 2 laps of the 27 mile circuit with a short warm up and a short cool down, about 10 minutes of each. Our plan today again was to try to ride the 2 circuits at even pace with the 2 circuit times being as close to each other as possible, we managed this with a really good result, the first circuit took 1:16:17 and the second 1:16:44! The overall time for the 2 circuits was 2:33:01 compared to our previous outing where the time was 2:38:01. So, 5 minutes in the right direction. This may not sound like a lot but it's very significant, at an average speed of 21mph for the 53.67 miles made up by the 2 circuits that 5 minutes is almost 2 miles in terms of distance on the road, quite a gap.

Once again, and this will continue for months, in terms of speed the wind, air temperature, and barometric pressure were clear hindrances and again the roads were in parts slippery so great care was taken when cornering. All in all a very satisfactory outing.

The details are below:

Distance covered: 60.251 miles.
Overall average speed for ride (inc warmup and cool down): 20.1mph.
Average speed for 2 circuits (53.7 miles): 21.0mph.
Average speed circuit 1: 21.1mph.
Average speed circuit 2: 21.0mph.

NP 247.
TSS 197.

So, another good L3 training session done, keep plugging away.

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