Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thursday Training



Continuing with my efforts today with a 2x20 SST session which went well. Felt more comfortable than the last time I did one of these and I think this may well at least in part be down to my having made more of an effort on the hydration front.

I'll just keep working away and keep trying to keep the faith over the Autumn and Winter in the hope that come the Spring it will have been worth the effort, if not at least I will have learned a lot along the way!

Hope all is going well with everyone. Made a short video clip to try to look at my pedaling action which is embedded below. This was made with just a little webcam which I think only records at 15fps, I think I'll have another bash with my proper camera and see if I can do better with a higher shutter speed, it's all good fun!

[Uploaded 27/11/2008 17:54:29]


  1. Hi Q,

    I'll bite. At my fitting a couple of years ago I was told to drop my heel to ensure force was being applied at 90% to the crank (rotationally). I notice you keep yours at a fairly constant angle.

    Don't know if this is bollocks or not but searching on google for droppping the heel or cycling in smaller circles with the heels seems to yield lots of blog entries!!! No doubt this one will come up soon too!

    All the best,

  2. Hiya Matey :-)

    It's an interesting point and I know there are many different viewpoints. In the end, for what it's worth, I think it's really difficult to change your personal "style" and what REALLY DOES matter is how hard you push down and how long you can keep doing it for!

    I think if you are comfortable, don't get niggling injuries, and if you do well in your chosen events, there isn't much wrong with your technique though I know this isn't very scientific!

    SpinScan is great I think for looking at imbalances and optimising torque angles but I think if I had a choice between being able to push down really hard on the pedals for hours on end or having the perfect (whatever that is) pedaling action, I'd go for the former - or both!

    Thanks, as always, for the input, nice to know someone looks at this stuff!