Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Wednesday Training



Another steady 2x20 L3 session which didn't feel particularly comfortable after yesterday's exertions, if only I could have my old training zones back all would be well! :-)

Anyway, the session came and went and perhaps more importantly I did a repeat dehydration measurement during this session using the naked weighing technique, the results were, as always, fascinating. I really must start to do some much more serious work on the hydration front as I think it may be genuinely compromising my performance, particularly in the light of some of the publications I have been reading.

The results were as follows:

The total exercise time for the session was 80 minutes, including warmup and cool down.
Total fluid intake during session was 740mls.
Body weight loss during session was exactly 1.0kg.
Therefore total weight loss during session was 1.74kg

So, essentially during the 80 minute session I sweated out approximately 1740mls of fluid which is a fluid loss rate of 13mls per minute. Ok, so this is indoors but it's very much in line with previous tests I've done and indicates that I'm dehydrating at a rate of about one litre an hour.

Now, where's that bottle.

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  1. Hi Quentin,

    Your calcul is correct but it do not take account of your Glycogen use. If your workshop was a L4, your fuel was essentialy muscular glycogen, at a rate of almost 300/400 g per your fluid loss is smaller than 1740 ml.
    I use a big fan, even in my 5°c garage for my Turbo workshops...

  2. Hi Jerome

    Merci for the input! We could argue about the numbers, clearly not ALL the loss is fluid but the vast majority is.

    The ACSM agreed that fluid intake should be based on pre and post exercise body weight and that enough fluid should be drunk to restore body weight. The figures are certainly accurate enough for this purpose!

    As for the fan, essential, mine's on full at all times!

    Thanks for getting in touch.