Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Tuesday Training



Repeated my last L4 session and had my 2nd effort tapering down by 1W every 2 minutes and got through the session Ok. Found today that my HR was quite a bit higher for the second effort than it was last time, a bit more than normal day to day variation. Interesting to consider that had I been working on HR alone my power output would have been far lower for the 2nd effort as I would have been aiming to keep it down to a fixed level rather than allowing it to slowly creep up. Would the 2nd effort under those circumstances have been such effective training? We all have different opinions but I think it wouldn't.

I'm wondering whether I was sufficiently hydrated for this session as I did feel a little bit dry part way through the session so I'm going to make more of an effort to keep on top of my hydration and see how I feel for tomorrow's exertions.

Anyway, another session in the bag, I've got a pretty bracing week of training scheduled this week so let's hope all goes well. Hope your training is going well wherever you are reading this.

I have to admit, it really is very hard work trying to raise one's FTP by even a few watts, let alone enough to make a real difference. The problem is you never know which 2 watts is going to make the difference!

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  1. just out of interest, how much water do you take in on an average 2x20 session for example?

    I drink about 700ml during one of those sessions, which is an hour in total with warm up and cool down.

    Haven't really read any guidelines on hydration but this seems about right for me

  2. Hi SW

    I've read all the scientific stuff on this and have also done some personal testing. When I do performance tests on clients as part of the session I also perform a dehydration test to establish the water loss rate of the individual rider as there are individual variations. The riders can then use this information during their own training and racing.

    I have sent some information to your FaceBook account, I hope it's helpful.