Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Tuesday Training



Ok, off we go again, more L4 work after yesterday's day off. It's amazing, if I keep plugging away I don't mind training at all most of the time but once I stop for a bit it's much harder to get going again, it's as if my body starts to shut down or something.

Anyway, I struggled a bit with my new L4 last time so decided to alter the session a touch today to see if I could make my transition a touch more gradual. So, did my first 20 minute L4 effort as last time but for the second one I tapered the load down over the 20 minutes so it started at the same level as the first but then dropped by 1W every 2 minutes

This approach made things more bearable and I clocked up 40 minutes of L4 training as I was comfortably still inside my L4 boundaries as the chart below shows. The horizontal yellow and red dashed lines indicate the margins of my L4 power and HR zones. So, a good L4 session both in wattage and HR terms, I'll continue with this strategy for a couple of weeks and see how things go before tweaking the 2nd effort a bit.

Slowly but surely does it, better to finish the efforts than blow up and feel dispirited :-)

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