Sunday, 21 December 2008

Sunday Training


Yet again the weather here is useless for cycling and I just can't be bothered going out on very windy days to put in 3-4 hours of training much of which may well be not very productive.

So, indoor training for me again and today I had scheduled in a 4x20 L3 session so that was a total session length of 2 hours including a decent warmup and cool down, did the 20 minute efforts at 255W and all went well.

Was pleased to observe that my HR was pretty steady for such a lengthy indoor session with the averages for the 4 efforts being 141/145/145/148. I tend to get more cardiac drift indoors than outdoors I reckon because of the heat/hydration issues when a session is longer than 60 minutes.

So, I think that was a pretty good solid session, have managed about 147 miles indoors this week which I'm happy with given all else that is going on at the moment. It's not just the miles that count at all, 51% of this time has been in L3/SST and about 15% has been L4 training with the rest L2 during warmups, cooldowns etc. Overall I'm happy that what time I am spending training is genuinely productive, see the power profile for the last 7 days below.

I'm feeling good at the moment, I feel that I'm making steady progress and I'm hoping that I'll have developed a really solid cake to ice come the Spring. It's nice to know that I'm making small FTP gains at this time of year, before L5 training kicks in. I just feel that at present I'm making some gains, my next FTP test will prove me right or wrong!

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