Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Tuesday Training


Didn't want to really overdo things today so didn't do the next in my series of CP30 evaluations but reverted to a 2x20 L4 session which went fine. I felt quite "at home" with this level of work, the efforts were done bang in the middle of my threshold zone and at no point did I feel unduly taxed so this was an encouraging session.

Will be doing some L3 work tomorrow to keep the pot boiling and then the plan is to continue with the CP30 evaluation on Thursday, all being well. The next session will be a 315W 30 minute effort and my gut feeling is that it could be this test that actually establishes my CP30! We shall see.

Anyway, comfortable with how things are looking at present, inevitable fall in CTL but am maintaining the quality of the work I am doing and hopefully this will stand me in good stead.

Entry in for La Marmotte!

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