Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Tuesday Training


Today has been a heck of a day and I didn't expect to do very well this evening with all that has been going on. Had to get up at 04.30 this morning to drive for 3 hours down to Halifax to pick up some gear to repair the multifuel stove in the cottage so by the time I got down there and drove back I was tired. I then did the required work at the cottage and headed home, where the turbo awaited me.

Anyway, did one hard L4 effort for 20 minutes followed by a L3 effort and that was enough for me, no point in flogging a dead horse, and I was that dead horse tonight.

Just going to keep ticking over and trying not to lose too much over the festive period, there's no time pressure and things are generally going pretty well, I just need more sleep.

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