Friday, 23 January 2009

Friday Training



Very steady 2x20 L3 session, HR was very much under control and actually slightly lower for the 2nd effort than the first which is interesting! This session was done about 5W higher than a similar session 2 weeks ago but my HR was much lower and it felt very comfortable indeed.

Happy with the way things are going at present and looking at the things I plan to do this year I still have over three months before my first significant event (Tour of Ireland) so I have plenty of time to continue with the L3/SST/L4 work before raising the stakes at all. My current CTL is sitting just under 80 and once I get past February I'll still have a good 4 months of build to go as I'm not planning to peak for the ToI but use it to build CTL though I hope to ride well.

If I hold my CTL at around 80 with L3/SST/L4 work through February and start to build at 2-3 TTS/d each week through March-June that should bring me to a 100+ CTL which will be fine as I head towards La Marmotte. Bound to be a drop as I introduce L5 work but that should give me a nice little FTP and MAP bump when I need it whilst still keeping my CTL reasonably high.

That's the plan!

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