Thursday, 8 January 2009

Preliminary MAP Test



After doing some research and taking some advice on the subject of RAMP tests and how they should be run I have set up 2 new .erg files. The first file runs for 15 minutes and is a standard warmup file which should ensure that when I do these tests my warmup, as well as the test itself, is standardised. The warmup file is made up as follows:

5 Mins @ 125W
3 Mins @ 175W
2 Mins @ 225W
2 Mins @ 250W
3 Mins @ 175W

By the end of the 15 mins I am just starting to feel nicely warmed up so this seems about right for me and is similar to other warmups I do for various sessions.

The .erg file I have set up for the MAP test itself starts with one minute @ 125W to allow me to settle into things and then increases by 25W every minute in steps of 5W every 12 seconds, or 0.2 of a minute. The test ends when it ends!

I decided before this test that it was essentially a "test of the test" and that I would not take myself to the absolute maximum, but see what sort of ball park my MAP lies in. The main reason for this was that I wanted to have confidence in the setup and methodolgy itself before subjecting myself to a maximal test. A further reason was that I had not prepared myself for a maximal test by way of careful nutrition and rest, I have been training normally and am not what you might call rested and fresh!

The last time I did a MAP test was under the guidance and with the encouragement of a coach on a calibrated CompuTrainer, I did the test on 25th August 2006. At that time my maximal 1 minute power (MAP) was 354W, Since that time I have tried to train consistently and as efficiently as possible within the limitations of my knowledge and experience.

Today's test was done on a Velotron. I ran the Accuwatt program to check the calibration of the unit immediately after the test, this confirmed that it was within -0.8% of it's factory calibration. On this basis I have confidence in the accuracy of the results obtained.

The test went fine and I pulled the plug when my HR hit 181BPM, which is 6BPM below my MHR to the best of my knowledge. Things were pretty uncomfortable but I didn't do any kind of "final push" or sprint at the end and there was a bit left but this was not an absolute maximal test, I was on my own in the house!

The graph below shows my results, my maximal one minute power, and therefore my MAP by this test was 415W, the maximum power overall was 427W. A predicted VO2 Max figure based on this result is 65.5ml/kg/min which at 51 I'm happy with and I'm going to try to hang on to it for as long as I can.

Based on this I reckon my actual MAP when rested, motivated, and going to my maximum is probably about 10+W above this, time will tell. Hopefully there will be an improvement when the L5 training commences in a couple of months time.

Overall I'm satisfied with this. I made a video recording of the test in all it's gory details, if you fancy sharing the fun and have just over 13 minutes to spare click here.

Test data follows:


  1. Hi there,

    I have been interested in trying a MAP test as well and followed your thread in the Power Training forum. Out of curiosity how do you estimate VO2max value from the results of your MAP test?

    Sorry if its a stupid question this stuff is a bit new to me.


  2. Hi RickB

    Drop me an email.



  3. Great made me damned tired watching it !

    just think.....another 35 watts held for 28 minutes and you'll be right up there with Lance ! LOL

    the Velotron looks very nice.

    keep up the blog. it is very interesting, educational, and inspirational as well.

    Rick G.

  4. Hi Rick

    Glad you enjoyed it! These things are always better if you are watching rather than doing :-)

    Yes, I reckon Lance is training hard as he's heard that I'm closing the gap! ;-) I think the call up to the team may be a long time coming, I'm just a touch long in the tooth!

    Thanks for the encouragement, appreciated.



  5. Any chance I could get the erg files from you? I have a computrainer and have been thinking of doing this exact same test. Thanks! PS - have you seen this: