Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Wednesday Training



Steady L3 session completing 2x25 minute efforts without any problems. It's going to be interesting to see how all this pans out in the fullness of time, it's now months and months since I did any planned riding at a level below L3 which is where I used to spend a lot of my training time. I reckon I'm on the right track because at one time riding for any significant period at above 20mph was a major effort and to complete 50 miles at above 21mph last weekend was a definite step forwards for me, especially at this time of year. Can't help but think that in a larger group I'd find riding at a higher pace just as comfortable so things seem to be heading in the right direction.

One thing is though will such regular training, my legs just always feel as if they have been working and I'm pretty much always aware of some sort of muscular ache or a varying degree of soreness. I can't seem to think of a way round that and I think it's probably just something that comes with the territory!

Have noticed though that my HR for this session has gone up quite a bit in comparison with the previous 2 identical sessions, if this persists I'll back off a bit I think.

Hope all is going well for everyone out there. Keep in touch.

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  1. this comment is from Rick in California (aka, tmctguer). i am the 51 year old bloke who just bought a Computrainer. I am really enjoying my own computrainer sessions. they are mentally & physically stimulating. I read your recent post about a 50 mile ride @ 250 watts normalized power. that was awesome !

    how are you liking your Velotron (besides the price)?

    you are providing me inspiration, mate !