Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Tuesday Training



Well the Christmas and New Year period is now over and as far as I am concerned it's full steam ahead for the forthcoming season and maximum focus to try to ensure that the season ahead goes well.

A certain Lance Armstrong has just declared "I suppose 2009 really gets kicked into gear today. Kids are back in school, everyone working. Time for progress! We need it in 2009" - so that's enough to tell me it's time to stick that nose onto the grindstone :-)

Having said that tonight's 2x20 L4 session went pretty badly in comparison with similar recent sessions :-( Legs felt tired, heart rate higher than normal, just felt like very hard work. I think I may have not been careful enough with my diet (who is at this time of year), maybe not enough hydration, maybe not so diligent with the recovery nutrition? I think I've just generally taken my eye off the ball in terms of attention to detail and that stops right here.

All that said, soul bared, self flagellation over, I got through the session and these are always uncomfortable and it's now in the bag, the legs, and whatever else you might want to mention. Tomorrow's another day.

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