Saturday, 10 January 2009

Saturday Training



Once again this morning it was freezing cold so we decided to go down to the "Amble Velodrome" again in the knowledge that at least there would be no ice.

Quite a mixed ride really as we started as a trio for the first circuit and then became 4 for the remaining 4 circuits, a fresh rider joining in unexpectedly early was a nice development!

We continue to go well and though there was some suffering at a couple of points we remained together as a group and finished the 50 mile session with an average speed of 20,6mph. My average HR for the 50 mile section as you can see was 145BPM which is a good L3 ride for me though there were some surges well above this as the wind from the South as the ride progressed became very strong in places.

So, a really good training ride with some very interesting points emerging from it, hopefully progress will continue and things will pick up in the Spring, which is still a long way away.

Average temperature for the ride, zero degrees.

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