Thursday, 1 January 2009

Thursday Training



The first training session of 2009 went just fine. Did a 2x20 SST session at 275W and my HR was very much under control and certainly lower than for the previous 2 sessions I've done at this wattage. Strangely when I first started to warm up I thought I might be in for a New Year festival of discomfort but all went well and once I'd settled into the work I felt fine throughout.

Got to the end of the first of my Planet Earth DVDs today and have now watched the first 3 programmes of the series but have lots more to go which is great :-)

I have a rest day scheduled in for tomorrow which is good and then we are into the weekend and I'm hoping to get out on the road. Unfortunately the forecast is for the temperatures to be around freezing for the next few days so that's not looking very likely, might be time to give one of the IRCVs a go!

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