Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Wednesday Training



Another good steady L3 ride, this time 2x25 @ 255W. The session went pretty well with average and maximal HRs for both efforts identical, as was the case for the last of these sessions.

Legs still feeling a bit heavy but seem to be able to do the work so am currently ploughing on and will be going back to the fun of L4 work next week as a New Year treat!

Enjoyed the next hour of the Planet Earth DVDs, explored the mountain ranges of the world today, amazing how much ground you can cover on a stationary trainer in an hour, DVD watching certainly breaks the session up a treat. My mate Mark Liversedge has ordered up some of the erg videos so I'm looking forward to hearing how he gets on with them over the next few weeks.

Have a smashing New Year everyone, don't go to bed too late ;-)

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