Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Tuesday Training



Found this 2x20 Sweet Spot session a bit more of a challenge than I have been recently but this is simply because of the residual fatigue I still have in my legs from Sunday, it's a sad fact that one doesn't recover as quickly when a few more years have slid by but that's just life so there's no point in worrying about it, it just has to be dealt with.

Got through the session Ok with no real problems and my sessions have also now taken another step forward in terms of enjoyment :-) Using a plug in USB DVD player I can now watch DVDs on the same screen as my Velotron data is displayed and I just click back and forth to check on progress as the need or interest arises as the unit sets the workout loads for me. So, I've just started to watch the entire BBC series of "Planet Earth" and it makes indoor training a whole lot more enjoyable having a convenient entertainment arrangement, really pleased with it.

Watched "The Final Hour" the other day whilst training, it's a really good watch if you haven't seen it, 400W for an hour is all it takes, I'd better keep training! ;-)

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  1. I've been watching the cyclefilm reccies for la marmotte, quebrantahuesos and maratona. they also have a 6 dvd set of the major italian gran fondos with the guys from la fuga - looks cool.

    Did you have a go at thesufferfest video thingies?

    Tempted by the ergvideo or racermate real life video (or is that real pan-flat ironman video) :-)

  2. I've not bothered yet with the Sufferfest videos and probably won't as I'm happy at the moment with the facilities I'm using and I'm not sure if they would add much for me.

    I looked at the erg video stuff too and decided against it as at present I want to keep everything in the RacerMate camp rather than introduce another potential complication. I did get in touch with the erg video people and they seemed VERY keen that their system was run on pretty high spec PC and I didn't want to go down that route and rack up still more expense.

    I downloaded the RacerMate sample IRCV to make sure it ran Ok and that I could use the SpinScan function properly with it (not available with the erg video setup). This ran fine so on that basis I went down this route.

    I've not yet ridden the IRCVs I have and will do so when the weather means I have to do a long indoor ride which I'm sure won't be long!

    The link below may be of interest, you may well already have read it:


    Cheers, Q

  3. I'm such a contrary mary! after months of dilly-dallying I read your comments and the thread on the forum and decided to take the plunge ...

    ... and ordered the base/tempo multipack from ergvideo ... and I was leaning towards the RLV until I read your message LOL!!

    I'd argue black was white some days!!!

    Take care,

  4. Hi

    I'm sure they will be fine, I'll look forward to hearing about your experiences with them.

    Just personal preference in the end!