Thursday, 15 January 2009

Thursday Training



Been a busy day today as you have seen from the Twitter stream and finally managed to get down to a bit of training at about 21:00hrs. This session was more about the equipment than about training to be honest, I just wanted to get through a complete session after the last 2 system crashes apparently caused by a defective CPU cooling fan.

Based on the above I decided to go for a simple steady 2x20 L3 session and all went well, no technical problems, so I'm hoping that things are now resolved and that that's behind me. I'll periodically peek at the fan to make sure it's all working Ok as it's pretty grim if things go awry mid session. Really pleased with the wireless installation. The VeloTron CS 2008 software now includes an auto export feature so that at the end of the session the files (data and report) are auto exported and saved in .txt or .html format. I then simply drag and drop the files from the VeloTron PC onto my main PC where WKO+ is installed, it works really smoothly, delighted with it. This setup also means that the VeloTron PC can use my Internet connection if I need to download any updates etc. and if I have a technical problem with either unit I remain online.

More L3 planned for tomorrow and in the evening something quite different. A mate of mine is using a TACX Flow and we are going to check it's figures by doing a couple of short step tests @ 80 and 90RPM by riding a bike with my PowerTap fitted. I'll ride the bike, he'll set the loads in ergo mode and we'll graph the data and he then has a half decent calibration curve to use for his training. Will post the outcome in due course.

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