Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Wednesday Training



For the second time the Velotron software froze part way through the session and I have now completely uninstalled the wireless software from the Velotron PC and I hope this will resolve the problem and that it hasn't corrupted some important files, time will tell I guess. I'd be surprised if the problem were anything else, just too much of a coincidence.

Might try another session tonight and see what happens. Shame really as the session was going well, such is life, I'll sort it out somehow.

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  1. one thing i thought of late last night......a few months ago, i purchased a book from Rapha called "Great Road Climbs of the Pyrenees". here is the link:

    I bought it because within a year or two, I plan to go to France and pedal around for a week or so with a focus on hitting at least 2 or 3 of the great climbs from the Tour. The book gives lots of helpful hints about gradient, landmarks, directions, etc. and was written by a rider. there are probably 50 - 75 climbs described in the book.

    i would be happy to scan and email to you any pages related to climbs you might want to try, or ones specific to the 2010 Tour (once the route is announced next year).

    I am anxiously awaiting a similar book describing the climbs in the Alps.

    keep up the good work.

    rick g.

  2. from your tweets I can see you have diagnosed the problem. I guess it is a new PC? or an older one with more work to do now?

    Either way, taking the sides off the PC case and blowing a fan at it will help in the short term until your new heatsink and fan arrive.

    If you're running vista (which I think you are) then you can turn off a lot of crap that it does to save the CPU working so hard. Microsoft produced this nice guide to help, its not too technical and might help?

    Take care,

  3. Hi Rick

    Thanks for the info, I may call upon you when 2010 approaches, or I may just go and hope for the best! Sometimes better not to know what lies ahead!



  4. Hi Mark

    Thanks for the advice/support, appreciated. New fan now in, had to (on purpose) "shorten" one of the catches as it was going to snag an installed memory card but it's in and at least this one goes round so I'm cautiously optimistic! I'll keep you posted, whether you want me to or not! :-)