Thursday, 29 January 2009

Thursday Training



Back to the L4 work though was feeling a bit tired today but got through the session. I had scheduled in 2x20 @ 305W, 5W higher than I've been doing these at previously and I found it hard, mainly because of some residual muscle fatigue, felt fine on the CV front.

Anyhow, got to the end Ok which I was pleased about and I think I'll now start to do L4 sessions on both Tuesday and Thursday with the slightly higher load effort being done on the Tuesday and we'll see how that goes for a little while.

Looking at the HR distribution there is just a touch (1min 30 seconds) of the time in L5 so that's no great issue, it was muscle fatigue that was the struggle to overcome today.

Still, it's done and it's time to rest :-) Snow is on the way, again :-( Apparently this Winter has been the coldest here since 1995, terrific.

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