Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tuesday Training



Back to the L4 work with a 2x20 session @ 300W which, as always, was not comfortable. Got through the session but with a higher RPE than in the past and I'm not quite sure why as I should be reasonably well rested, just one of those phases I guess. Good and not so good times come and go and sometimes they can be explained and sometimes they can't, all we can often do is guess!

Not too hard a session planned for tomorrow morning so we'll see how that goes, hope to get a decent night's sleep beforehand which always makes a huge difference. I wish I could sleep for say 9-10 hours a night like I used to be able to but for some reason I can't do that any more and I wake up early most days.

Still being troubled by my left knee which is a worry, not quite sure whether it's going to start behaving itself properly again but at least it felt pretty much Ok during tonight's session, maybe I should just sit on the V'Tron all the time ;-)

Hope all is going well for everyone out there. To any readers in the US I really enjoyed the inauguration of President Obama today, I watched the whole thing, he gave me hope in difficult times, and he's not my President!

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