Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tuesday Training



Ok, this was going to be the mother of all L4 training sessions and so it turned out to be. I decided to dispense with the interval aspect of things and just set up a .erg file with a 60 minute L4 (300W) effort to see how far I'd get. If my 305W tested FTP is accurate I should in theory be able to do this, and I did :-)

Inevitably this was grindingly hard work but I was really very very pleased to be able to make it to the end. I had not specifically prepared for the session by resting etc. as one might for a test, I just jumped in and did it as part of my normal training programme.

I'm particularly pleased that:

1). I now KNOW (not think) that I can ride indoors for an hour at 300W.

2). I KNOW that my current FTP, upon which I'm basing my training, is certainly in the right ball park and is definitely not an over estimate,

3). And most importantly I KNOW that my training is working, I simply couldn't have contemplated this last January. I've just looked back at the figures for a 2x20 L4 session a year ago. For the 2nd 20 minute effort my average and maximum HRs were 165 and 173. I've just done 60 minutes straight at 300W with figures of 167 and 176. The HR figures for the middle 20 minutes were 167/171, so better HR figures, more power, and for a duration I simply couldn't then have managed, I'm making progress.

A good day.

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  1. Quentin,

    Excellent effort! Congratulations on validating what you thought to be true.

    As Greg Lemond famously said:

    It never gets easier, you just go faster!


  2. 300w club membership at last. Good stuff dude!

  3. Hi Rick

    Thanks very much, appreciated.