Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunday Training



Rode UKIronMan again today as it's freezing cold, windy and damp. Decided to test the features of the IRCVs a little further by riding against yesterday's performance. Though it worked well during the ride itself I was very disappointed when, at the save file stage at the end, it crashed, typical.

Have raised this issue with Racer Mate as as far as I'm concerned the IRCV software is unfinished and significant features either don't work or don't work as they should, we'll see what they say but I reckon it needs fixing.

Anyway, that said, as a training session the ride went well and I felt good throughout. The week's been a good solid week and I've spent about 25% of my training time in L4 which I'm pleased about with a further 33% in L3 so good solid work. The weekly mileage has come out at 165 which I'm happy with as it's all been on the VeloTron so no junk miles, TSS for the week has been 592 which again I'm happy with having been generated on an FTP of 305W.

So, all going Ok here at present, rest day tomorrow :-)

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