Thursday, 12 February 2009

Thursday Training



A different session tonight in line with my decision to enter a consolidation period in my training. You've all heard of Sweet Spot training, well this was something different, Fat Spot Training :-)

What the heck is this guy going on about I hear you ask and I sometimes wonder this myself and yes, I have just made the term up. I've been doing some reading lately on the subject of fat metabolism and I've concluded the following.

Once you go above an exercise intensity of 55% of MAP glycogen consumption rises rapidly and fat consumption as a proportion of the exercise fuel falls rapidly. On this basis it seems to me that training at an intensity of about 55-60% of MAP fat consumption will be at it's greatest and glycogen should not be too heavily depleted possibly making other sessions more effective.

Anyway, seems a reasonable thing to do as part of my consolidation period so I did 60 minutes @ 235W and that was just fine, it sure won't have done me any harm and I feel slimmer already, bring on Fat Spot training! Hey, at 235W I can just about call it Sweet Spot training too ;-)

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