Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday Training



Another very straightforward session just maintaining my hard earned gains. I always find it a bit depressing when you update your FTP setting because it's improved and all of a sudden the workouts you had previously been doing result in a lower TSS, some reward! Still, never mind, I guess I'd rather that than have a falling FTP and loads of TSS points rolling in.

The chance of getting out tomorrow seems to be fading fast. Just walked home from town and already the slush is starting to freeze and there were some very icy sections on the roads which clearly the motorists were blissfully unaware of, a nasty combination. It's looking like being another IronMan course ride for me and that's just fine. If you are really lucky I'll be broadcasting the whole thing live on VTTV :-)

Another day of training done and Spring currently seems further away than ever, looking forward to watching the Tour of California though :-)

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